Friday, May 19, 2017

Rescue and Sanctuary News from the Wild For Life Foundation

May 2017 update: Success! We did it! We have successfully relocated many members of
our Southern California equine family to new, safe and peaceful homes nearby. We have also successfully evacuated many horses and burros out of storm damaged facilities, placed several equines into new foster and adoptive homes and successfully started some of our most promising youngsters into quality training. Through our equine rescue and sanctuary program we continue to care and provide custody for approximately 50 domestic and wild equines. We also provide safe haven emergency rescue aid and services for at risk equines in need both locally and on a national basis.  

Working in equine rescue is hard work and requires the sacrifice of long days and nights and rescue team members must be on the ready at all times for whatever urgent needs arise. It takes compassion, integrity and complete devotion, all of which must be given from the heart without expectation of any personal gain.  And despite the many challenges we have faced
over the years, we are humbled and honored to have successfully carried out our mission for nearly 10 years by meeting the needs of at risk and rescue need animals through rescue, sanctuary and educational services and programming on a National level.

We look forward to continued equine rescue success and victories on behalf of the many horses and burros we serve.  We greatly value the community's continued support which we rely 100% on to carry out our mission and charitable services. We are an all volunteer charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving both wild and domestic equines. 

Please visit our website to learn more.
Thank you.
The Team at the Wild For Life Foundation 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Help A Horse and Keep them Safe Fundraising

Dear Friends and Supporters,
As many of you know, our leased rescue facility in Riverside County is located at 4500' in elevation in a remote area on a sloping plateau on the side of a steep mountain and we were slammed with a series of severe winter storms this year. We have leased this ranch and pasture space for the purpose of caring and housing an average of 80 equines until just recently. We are happy to announce the successful placement of several of our rescued equines into new foster and adoptive homes since the beginning of this year.  The process of relocating approximately 50 equines whom remain under our direct care and custody to alternative facilities continues to this day. We are also happy to report that all equines that have been relocated are doing well at their new locations and there were no injuries due to the flooding/ severe storm damages. However, due to the series of severe winter storms, we have reached out to our supporters this year for special assistance .

Our volunteer rescue team members are still working around the clock to relocate our equine family of rescued horses and burros and to salvage our charities equine rescue and sanctuary equipment. In the end this is a daunting task of recovery, relocating and rebuilding will have taken several months to complete.

Through our equine rescue and sanctuary program we care and provide custody for both domestic and wild equines at this site and also operate a safe haven network of emergency rescue services for at risk equines through the use of other private facilities.  Rescue services provided range from short term, long term, QT, layup, rehab, training, foster and adoption, depending on the combination of needs of the rescue animals and the resources available to our charity.

Our charity does not yet own its own facility and therefore leases land to provide safe and peaceful homes to serve our family of rescued equines. We want nothing more than to successfully carry out our mission by meeting the needs of the rescue need equines we serve. We look forward to continued equine rescue success and victories on behalf of the many horses and burros in need.  We greatly value the support we receive for our animal rescue and protection programs and appreciate your continued generous donations.

Through the receipt of limited funds toward disaster relief we have been steadily making needed repairs required to relocate our horses. Additional funds are still needed to help with the purchases of materials and supplies for the care for our rescued equines and to complete the relocation process.

Storm Background:
A series severe winter storms, have slammed our equine rescue facility without warning, with torrential rain, flooding, and mud barreling through, washing out internal rescue road/ access ways and leaving our stable areas grounds saturated and unstable. Rushing river gulches up to 6' deep and 8' wide have washed out access ways cutting one side of our facility off from the other. Nearly all feeding areas were washed out, our layup pens, and barn areas where special needs and senior horses reside have been hit the hardest and these areas also house our hay, feed and supplies, causing extensive loss in feed supplies and essentially crippled operations.

Donations to help with these urgent needs can be made online and by mail.

YOU make it possible for Wild for Life Foundation to save horses’ lives. We can’t do this work without you.

The Wild For Life Foundation relies 100% on tax deductible donations from caring and compassionate people like you. Please consider making a meaningful donation today.

Thank you,
The Team at Wild For Life Foundation

Mailing Address:
Wild For Life Foundation
19510 Van Buren Blvd, #F3236
Riverside, CA 92508

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Announcing New Tees For Horses Keep The Safe

April 11, 2017, Riverside, CA - Saving America's Horses Tees For Horses is pleased to announce the launch of its new "Keep The Safe" t-shirts.

Now you can help rescued need wild and domestic horses and burros when you pickup a Keep Them
Safe t-shirt! Hurry, ends April 26th!  Youth XS - adult XXL, short and long sleeve tees, available in unisex and ladies cut, from just $20. Funds raised help instantly to provide for rescue horses and burro's most crucial needs.

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We’re raising crucial funds to keep victimized and homeless horses and burros safe. We set the goal at 500 shirts because the need for funding is crucial. Please help us fund the most crucial needs for these rescued cruelty survivors!

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Funds raised will work instantly to help horses and burros in critical need. They come to us traumatized, shattered, desperate and betrayed. With us they find love, safety, compassion, dignity, trust, hope and a new beginning.

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This limited edition t-shirt features Cochise, a wild Navajo Mustang who narrowly escaped slaughter after losing his family and Native range-land home in New Mexico. He is seen on the front of these artful limited edition charity t-shirts running to meet his surviving family members as they reunite in the safety of their new home. These Mustangs are just a few of the horses that you'll be helping when you buy some of these shirts. The need for funding is crucial. Please help us keep them safe! \When you share and buy a t-shirt, his inspiring story of courage, survival and about people coming together to keep them safe will help bring aid to those whose lives are in imminent danger right now.

These Mustangs are just a few of the horses that you'll be helping when you buy some of these artful shirts. Funds raised will work instantly to help horses and burros in critical need today.

Saving America's Horses is a lifesaving mission under the Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF), a 501 c(3) nonprofit charity. Funds raised through this t-shirt fundraiser help to provide rescue horses and burros with essential needs including food, hoof care, health care and housing. We are an all volunteer organization and we depend 100% upon the generosity of others to accomplish our mission.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Announcing Saving America's Horses' KEEP THEM SAFE t-shirt project

Wild For Life Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of it's new, "KEEP THEM SAFE" Tees for Horses campaign.

"Never before has there been a need so great to ban together for the greater good in the protection of one of our most precious and historic natural resources, the horse," said Katia Louise, Wild For Life foundation, President, Founder and volunteer Executive Director.  "America’s wild horses are disappearing.  Without adequate Federal protection, thousands of wild and domestic equines are systemically mistreated, removed, and transported for human consumption abroad every week.  Unless America's wild and domestic equines are protected, the future for our beloved and majestic horses and burros will continue to be in jeopardy. The stakes could not be higher; their very survival is at stake and time is running out."

BUY A TEE TO HELP KEEP THEM SAFE: You can help save lives and keep them safe when you buy some of these artful limited edition t-shirts today. .

After losing his freedom, his home and his family, this sacred Navajo Mustang was about to lose his life. But we saved him and now his touching story of courage, survival, love and triumph is helping to to aid countless other victimized horses and burros in need through the Wild For Life Foundation. Cochise's beautiful image is featured on the front of our new Tees for Horses t-shirts, and will help save and protect America's these innocent victims
Cochise is one of many, many horses that you'll be helping by simply purchasing and wearing some of these artful t-shirts.


At the turn of the 20th century there were millions of wild horses on the open range, but independent studies of the Bureau of Land Management’s data indicates there may now be less than 15,000 in the entire United States. There are over 200 million acres of rangelands in the U.S. where these horses could roam freely, but they are quickly being eliminated by the same governmental agencies that claim to protect them. Unless action is taken, America’s wild equids will continue to vanish – a potentially catastrophic scenario for generations to come.

Can we preserve and protect one of America’s most iconic species before they become extinct in the wild and reverse the degradation to open rangelands caused by their removal? The Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) says the answer is YES, a resounding YES! Armed with the true facts and uniting together to make our united voice heard for the horses and burros, we can educate and effect change.

With human encroachment on natural habitats a constant feature of our modern world, America's wild and historic Mustangs are quickly losing their Native home lands. As the remaining number of Wild Horses in the U.S. nears extinction, education and appreciation through the protection of Mustangs and Burros in the wild and in natural preserves and sanctuary environments becomes tantamount to their survival as a species. America’s Wild Horses cannot be reproduced once they are gone.

As the BLM exterminates the last of America’s wild horses and burros in the wild, WFLF’s Saving America's Horses introduces hope. As clearly evidenced in Saving America’s Horses, the movie, the reintroduction of horses to rangelands can in truth rejuvenate the environment. For example, the Tarpan wild horses have been successfully returned to landscapes in both Britain and the Oostvaardersplassen of the Netherlands and studies reveal that their re-introduction to the range-lands has restored the natural environment and wildlife.  Plus, recent findings through Princeton University have shown how combining wild equine grazing together with cattle can create beneficial effects; not only for the environment but for cattle as well. "Clearly, blanket statements that wild equids invariably compete with livestock can no longer be accepted” states Michael Coughenour, a senior research scientist at the Colorado State University Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. “America’s horses heal our hearts and in truth they can also heal our lands,” adds Katia Louise

The Wild For Life Foundation works to preserve and protect the lives of rare and historic wild equines as part of the natural ecosystem and educate people about the need for the preservation of these threatened equine species. We need and respectfully seek your support. We can’t do this work without you. You make our healing and lifesaving work possible.

Funds raised through this t-shirt fundraiser help to provide rescue horses and burros with essential needs including food, hoof care, health care and housing.

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Lifesaving Mission to Aid Horses and Burros in Need

April 8, 2017
Dear friends, animal lovers and humanitarians,
America’s horses need your help! Never before has there been a need so great for the protection of America’s horses. With your support the Wild For Life Foundation - Saving America's Horses has stepped up during very troubling times and taken responsibility for horses victimized by cruelty and displacement from across the country. Your financial support if needed for these horses, now, more than ever, to help assure safe and healthy lives for those whom we’ve saved together.

Together we have saved hundreds of horses & burros from being butchered alive - but 'rescue' is just the beginning of this dedicated endeavor to provide the best quality of life for these captured, abused and neglected victims. These displaced survivors need us together more than ever to keep our promise so that they will never be at risk again. Your contribution of any amount will make a difference!

Since founded in 2008, the Wild for Life Foundation has saved hundreds of lives and placed 100's of horses into new loving homes. We rehabilitate horses in need, many of which come in as starvation cases because of the tough economy. We rescue victimized wild horses who have been rounded up and are at risk of slaughter.

While the Wild For Life Foundation has met these challenges, continued donations are needed to keep them safe.  Your continued compassionate support makes it possible to keep them safe through the provision of lifesaving hay, vetting, peaceful safe environments and transport.

In addition to saving their lives we’ve conducted undercover investigations; we’ve exposed cruelty, and held equine abusers to account. We’ve turned up the heat on the insidious trade of horsemeat; and have inspired more Americans to make compassionate, cruelty-free choices. Through our educational media program, WFLF’s multi-international-award winning film, SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES continues to be a powerful podium with a dynamic reach to animal lovers worldwide.

Saving America's Horses: A Nation Betrayed is the true life story about the one of America’s most treasured and iconic species as they fight & struggle to survive in a world where two camps claim to be saving them; one that actually does, and the other that is instead found to be brutally exploiting them, killing them and driving them to extinction.. This is what's happening to our horse relatives in this country. But we have solutions and we are putting those solutions into action.

YOUR donation today can help save numerous lives and keep them safe.

Because of YOU and every single friend who supports our important lifesaving missions have been a success. However, this recent doesn’t mean Wild For Life Foundation is safe.  Each rescue horse costs WFLF about $250 a month to take care of, which by comparison to many other programs is half of the cost per horse. That's because we do everything possible to keep expenses down and make your donation dollars go as far as possible for the horses. We are a volunteer based charity and our expert team of dedicated board contributions of time and talent are all donated.

YOU make it possible for Wild for Life Foundation to save horses’ lives. We can’t do this work without you.

The Wild For Life Foundation relies 100% on tax deductible donations from caring and compassionate people like you. Please consider making a meaningful donation today.

Thank you.

Katia Louise
President, Founder and volunteer Executive Director
The Wild for Life Foundation
Saving America’s Horses
Lifetime Equine Refuge
Office: 310.439.9817

Please make checks payable to “Wild for Life Foundation”. Mailing address: 19510 Van Buren Blvd, Ste F3236, Riverside, CA 92508.  Donate online or by phone. We accept Visa/ MasterCard/ Discover/ America Express: Phone: 310.439.9817.

Other ways to help:
April is Help a Horse month and its also Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month
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The Wild for Life Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charity which relies solely on donations. EIN: 26-3052458 Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES, the movie is an educational multi-media project under the WILD FOR LIFE FOUNDATION  and WFLF'S SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES INITIATIVE is an international coalition of horses lovers, scientists, equine welfare experts, researchers, and horse advocates working in concert to promote wild horse conservation and preservation initiatives with a focus on the prevention of equine cruelty.