Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Horse Slaughter is WRONG; micro-chipping or not

Previous evidence resurfaces revealing that the Ministry of Agriculture has been preparing to defend and expand horse slaughter by complying with the EU's request for an equine micro-chipping program, it appears that they are taking steps to begin implementation. Wild for Life Foundation supports the rights of Canadian horse owners to maintain the choice of whether or not to microchip their horses with a slaughter tag. While it is imperative that the EU take immediate action to protect humans from exposure to toxic substances found in horsemeat imported from Canada, we maintain that horse slaughter is WRONG; micro-chipping or not.

Wild for Life Foundation invites supporters that want to end the barbaric horse slaughter trade to download and post our educational banners to help raise international awareness about this issue.  Use this link to post this article about CanEquid on Facebook:

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