Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Senator Kohl is Key player in deciding the fate of our American Horses

Senator Kohl is Key player in deciding the fate of our American Horses.

Dear Friends,

We are resending this urgent alert out to encourage folks to focus their efforts on Senator Kohls office. 
Senator Herb Kohl of Wisconsin is Chair of the Ag Appropriations Subcommittee which has jurisdiction over the USDA'S BUDGET.  Senator Kohl will play a key role in deciding whether horse slaughterhouses can reopen in the United States.

There are four major players

It is very urgent that we focus our attention on calling Senator Kohl of Wisconsin right now and ask him to please retain language in the Agriculture Appropriations Bill that bans the use of tax dollars to fund horse slaughterhouse inspections.

Please be VERY nice and factual. The opposition is factual and horse based.

Again, we must keep in mind that this action only intensifies the urgency for the federal ban.  Regardless of this amendment we must ramp up public demand for passage of the federal bill.  We need all grassroots to rise up and fight for the federal ban now.

Wisconsin Constituents, please make the call.  If you are an officer or board of director from Wisconsin business and/or with a Wisconsin University, please make the call now - (202) 224-5653

Americans Against Horse Slaughter

Wild for Life Foundation