Monday, May 7, 2012

Emergency medical care for rescue horses in need

Wild for Life Foundation is asking for help to replenish the emergency medical care fund for Lifetime Equine Refuge. Your kind donations help ensure that rescue horses receive emergency veterinary care when needed.

Things happen with horses, and you never know when the need for emergency medical care will arise. Our Emergency Medical Fund enables us react to emergency situations.

In the field of rescue we also get calls about horses that will need immediate medical attention upon intake... but if we don't have funds available we won't be able to help these horses.

Molly is an Appaloosa mare. She served years as a trail horse at a riding stable, but she sustained a serious eye injury when out on her last ride. Instead of treating the injury, the rental stables sent her to auction. Thanks to your kind and generous support we were able to rescue Molly on emergency basis, but could not save her sight in the injured eye. As it turned out the other eye was so infected that she couldn't see at all. Molly's feet had also been neglected for over two years, but under the care of Lifetime Equine Refuge her hooves are in good condition and she can now walk and move normally again.

Your kind and generous donations have helped cover costs so we could treat her eyes as well, and though she is permanently blind from the injury in the one eye, she has since regained her sight in the other one.
Molly is now part of LER's equine assisted learning program.

You can help make a difference for Molly by donating toward her ongoing care. Molly's tear duct needs regular monitoring and flushing. Please donate today. Pro Bono vet care is hard to come by. Some veterinarians generously give their time but they are not always available to us and funds are needed to get the right kind of medical attention in times of need.

Diego is a Thoroughbred gelding. He had been taken to auction and sold for slaughter because of bump on his face. We found him frightened and under weight but he showed no other signs of health issues. Thanks to the generous donations of supporters like you, we were able to rescue him just before he was shipped away.

Diego's ex rays were reviewed by a panel of experts and it was determined that the bump was a bony mass. Diego has since enjoyed sanctuary at Lifetime Equine Refuge where he serves as a therapy horse.

A recent monitoring of Diego's bump indicates that its increased in size and he will soon need an ultra sound to check what's going on. Donations are now needed so that we can have his bump further examined and possibly treated.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

For every horse that needed that 2nd chance

Dear friends and supporters, 

Wild for Life Foundation would like to extend our utmost gratitude to everyone for your generous donations and support. We know these are extremely hard times for a lot of people and that's one of the reasons why equine rescue is so important.

WFLF's equine protection program and the work we do is for every horse whose owner has fallen onto hard times, for every horse that needed that 2nd chance at life but whose family had to let him go, for the abused and neglected horses and burros, and all the wild horses taken away from their families and their lands, and for all of America's horses that were killed at slaughter over the years, and for all our horses across this great nation of ours that will continue to face the barbaric death of slaughter until we the public can stand as one and protect them. 

Thank you everyone for your support. We at Wild for Life Foundation will remain vigilant to our mission to save, protect and preserve America's equines; until they are safe. 

Many blessings from, 
Wild for Life Foundation