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Wild for Life Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
Aug 17, 2012

Wild for Life Foundation is pleased to share in the news about members and guests of STAR San Diego, (Strategic Trusted Advisors Roundtable) gathering for an insightful presentation by Filmmaker, Katia Louise and Good Will Ambassador, Bing Bush, Jr., of "SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES - A Nation Betrayed", on Wed, August 15th in La Jolla. Attendees were also treated to a premiere screening of a brand new cut of the official film trailer which features gorgeous new footage of both Thoroughbreds and wild horses from the movie.  

The prestigious event  brought together more than one hundred of San Diego's best and brightest professional advisers who average more than twenty years of professional experience in their respective fields of practice.  The audience was engaged by the thought provoking presentation which was news to pretty much everyone in the room, " said Richard Muscio, STAR  San Diego.
Ms. Louise presented on the preservation of wild horses in America and several key points as associated with horse slaughter including toxic health risks to humans, economic and environmental devastation and criminal animal cruelty. "The criminal element and level of corruption that exists within the horse slaughter industry is well established and contributes significantly to the lack of law enforcement that would otherwise protect equines of all breeds and disciplines, from this predatory trade," said Katia Louise. "The capture, removal, transport and stockpiling of both wild and domestic horses to be slaughtered for their meat is a humanitarian issue that affects socioeconomics, the environment and human health on a global level."

Mr. Bush presented on the relationship of horse slaughter to the Thoroughbred racing industry. "If we compare the number of Thoroughbreds in the United States that were sent to slaughter each year, from 2005 to present, and compared those numbers to the number of Thoroughbred foals in the US, we would see that  a staggering 68 to 79% have been slaughtered during that time each year," said Bing Bush, Jr. "The National Thoroughbred Racing Association should support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (SB1176 & HR2966) which would prohibit the shipping, transporting, moving, delivering, receiving, possessing, purchasing, selling, or donation of horses and other equines to be slaughtered for human consumption."

As Good Will Ambassador to WFLF’s SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES, Bing Bush, Jr. is actively striving to raise awareness as a voice from within the equine community. Bing Bush, Jr.,  A.P.C.  a highly regarded civil and business litigation firm specializing in all Equine-related legal matters,  and is one of the Thoroughbred industry’s most prominent and well respected equine attorneys.

Katia Louise is the Director and Producer of SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES, the movie, and the President of Wild for Life Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit all volunteer charity, dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving equine.

SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES is an educational documentary project under Wild for Life Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit all volunteer charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving equines. Donations are tax deductible and will help bring this film to public bi coast release.

Presenting sponsors and naming opportunities are now open for the public bi-coastal release of this landmark film.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WFLF's SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES is featured in the StayClassy editorial weekly

Wild for Life Foundation is pleased to announce "Saving America's Horses"' CLASSY Awards Achievement story is featured in this weeks StayClassy editorial weekly newsletter which reaches nearly 60,000 people worldwide.  "This is great news", say's Katia Louise.  "Building momentum and expanding our reach to a new and wider demographic is exactly what America's horses need."

Wild for Life Foundation's Award Winning Film About Horses Awakens Moral Fabric Of Humanity and was recently named a Top 5 Regional Finalist for Animal Advocacy in the Annual CLASSY Awards. “From a pool of 2,400 nominations, WFLF’s SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES’ stood out as one of the best of the best!” - The StayClassy Team.

What many people don't realize is that the slaughter of America's horses is driven by a foreign market for horsemeat. WFLF is breaking this cycle of animal cruelty through the educational film project, "Saving America's Horses", a resource that cultivates action and inspires social change.

The CLASSY Awards is the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the country, celebrating the greatest charitable achievements by nonprofit organizations, and recognizing the most impactful and compelling achievements worldwide. "Hollywood has Oscar, Broadway has Tony, and now Philanthropy has the CLASSYs" - AOL, 2010. It recognizes nonprofits that are operating as efficiently as lean corporations, and celebrates progressive leaders who could become the next generation of wealthy CEOs, but instead have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of others.

SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES A NATION BETRAYED illuminates the connection between the eradication of our wild and domestic equines, its impact on the environment and the future of humanity. The film captivates its audience by exploring the majesty of the horse, the freedom they represent, the value of that freedom and what it means to life. 
SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES is an educational film project under Wild for Life Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit grassroots charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving wild and domestic equines.
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