Monday, February 25, 2013

ACTION ALERT! Calls and Emails needed

ACTION ALERT! Legislators are working at lightning speed to legalize horse slaughter in Oklahoma.
Your immediate help is needed to protect America’s horses from this inhumane and unnecessary fate.

Just a couple minutes can make a huge difference.

The Governor’s Office is taking count of calls received pro or con on the horse slaughter issue. It just takes 1 minute to call and tell the receptionist that you’re calling to voice your opposition to the repeal of the horse slaughter ban... that horse slaughter is inhumane and unnecessary.

Governor, Mary Fallin's Office: 405-521-2342
Or call and leave a message on the voice mail at 405-522-8857.
Also call the House and Senate main lines -- (405) 521-2711 (House) and (405) 524.0126 (Senate)

Email Gov Fallin here:


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