Tuesday, October 1, 2013

WFLF's Navajo Orphaned Foal Evacuation out of New Mexico is Underway!

New Mexico, October 1, 2013 - WFLF's Navajo Horses Rescue and Recovery Mission is pleased to announce that 17 Navajo orphaned foals have been successfully evacuated from the local shelter in New Mexico (NM). The fillies and colts ages 3-5 months old, were taken from their mothers who were shipped to slaughter.  These surviving foals are being transported to safe harbor outside of NM.

"The evacuation of these orphaned foals is just the beginning for most of them," says Katia Louise, president of the Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF). "It's going to take months for some of these little ones to heal, build their strength up and overcome the injuries they sustained during the roundups."  At least a dozen of the 17 foals will be going directly into an all volunteer Equine Special Care Facility under WFLF, where they will be provided with crucial veterinary medical care, nutritious feed, hay and supplements, and of course, lots of TLC and specialized individual attention. You can help save these little innocent orphaned foals by making a donation today.

Funds are being raised and will go directly to pay for needed vet medical care and vet medical supplies. It's
anticipated that these foals will need to remain in special care for another 10 - 14 days before they will be cleared for the next leg of their transport to their final Rescue destinations. Some of the foals have transportation covered but not all.

Under the leadership of Katia Louise, WFLF organized the Navajo Horses Rescue and Recovery Mission as a collaborative effort to save the lives of these and other majestic and sacred wild horses and burros who have been victimized by the highly contested U.S. government funded Navajo roundups. "We are sincerely grateful to all the partnering rescue team members and the local partnering shelter who has been working hard behind the scenes, watching out for these foals and helping to raise support that's needed to save these precious lives," added Katia Louise. Volunteer rescuers of the Navajo Horse Rescue and Recovery Mission have put their lives on hold to rescue, recover and evacuate survivors, and insure they will never be subject to roundup or slaughter again.

Two of the healthiest colts have been approved by WFLF for adoption and will soon be placed into a qualified loving forever home, and three of the other healthiest foals have been approved and will soon be placed in temporary foster care through WFLF's Safe Haven Network, pending their permanent placement with one of WFLF's Official Rescue and Sanctuary Partners, soon to be announced.

Wild horses and burros are being taken from their Native homes in the highly contested Navajo roundups which the vast majority of Navajo people oppose. You can help save these innocent and sacred wild Navajo horses and burros by giving to this mission. Funds received will help pay for immediate transport, hay, veterinary medical care and housing.

Please keep sharing to keep those donations coming in as this is still considered a crisis situation. Click here to make a donation today.  To give your gift special meaning you can specify medical care for foals, or transport for foals, etc.

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With gratitude,

Katia Louise, President
The Wild for Life Foundation
Navajo Horses Rescue and Recovery Mission
Lifetime Equine Refuge
Saving America's Horses: A Nation Betrayed

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