Monday, February 25, 2013

ACTION ALERT! Calls and Emails needed

ACTION ALERT! Legislators are working at lightning speed to legalize horse slaughter in Oklahoma.
Your immediate help is needed to protect America’s horses from this inhumane and unnecessary fate.

Just a couple minutes can make a huge difference.

The Governor’s Office is taking count of calls received pro or con on the horse slaughter issue. It just takes 1 minute to call and tell the receptionist that you’re calling to voice your opposition to the repeal of the horse slaughter ban... that horse slaughter is inhumane and unnecessary.

Governor, Mary Fallin's Office: 405-521-2342
Or call and leave a message on the voice mail at 405-522-8857.
Also call the House and Senate main lines -- (405) 521-2711 (House) and (405) 524.0126 (Senate)

Email Gov Fallin here:


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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Peter Max Partners with the Wild for Life Foundation to aid Saving America’s Horses

February 2013: Peter Max Partners with the Wild for Life Foundation to aid Saving America’s Horses



LOS ANGELES, CA– February 19, 2013 -World-renowned artist and animal activist Peter Max announced today that he has partnered with the Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) to raise money for the protection and preservation of America’s wild and domestic horses from cruelty. Max will donate the proceeds of commissioned portraits, at $30,000 a piece to WFLF. Act now to take advantage of this limited time offer. Details about commissioned portraits are available at

“When the powerful and brilliant exposé, SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES, came to NYC, I learned that thousands of healthy vibrant horses are disappearing and suffering from criminal animal cruelty," said Max. "This exposé has everything it takes to educate, engage and empower the public to effect social change but distribution is extremely expensive, resources are few, and there is limited funding,” Max said. “Volunteers are working around the clock to break the cycle of animal cruelty for America’s horses and they need our help.”

SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES is an educational feature documentary film under Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF), the nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that’s leading educational efforts for animal protection, and WFLF relies 100 percent on monetary donations, corporate sponsorships and grants.

Now you can help embrace and support justice for America's horses through the artwork of Peter Max. Max is one of the world’s most famous living artists. His vibrant color palette and multi-colored brushstrokes have been applied to his commissioned portraits of many of the world's most famous and influential people: Presidents Carter, Reagan and Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Larry King and numerous celebrities in the world of sports and entertainment. "Max's portraits compose a Who's Who of contemporary power and culture," states Charles A. Riley, II, author of The Art of Peter Max. Max has exhibited in over 40 international museums and over 50 galleries, worldwide. His work can be found in many prominent museum and private collections around the world.

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Media Contacts
Derringer Media LLC

Elizabeth Derringer
T 212.580.2743 F 212.580.2749
Kate Dudley PR, WFLF
T: 310-439-9817

Monday, February 4, 2013

ASPCA helps Lifetime Equine Refuge Save Lives

Wild for Life Foundation
Lifetime Equine Refuge
February 4, 2013
Media Contact: Kate Dudley

ASPCA helps Lifetime Equine Refuge Save Lives

Los Angeles, CA —The Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) today announced the successful outcome of the ASPCA’s support to help to purchase hay for rescue horses.

“Hay can mean the difference of life and death to a horse and it can be hard to come by especially during drought years,” said Katia Louise, program director of Wild for Life Foundation’s Lifetime Equine Refuge. “Many families have sadly had to part with their horses in recent years as a result of the economic downturn and many of these horses arrive at the rescue severely underweight,” adds Katia Louise. “The funds from the ASPCA have helped to purchase good quality hay for the provision of vital nutrition as needed for rescue horses that receive a second chance at life through our equine rescue program.”

With drought reports stretching across more than 65% of the country, equine welfare organizations across the west were scrambling to secure winter hay for the rescue horses in their care. But through a September, 2012, ASPCA Equine Fund - Hay Bale Out initiative, the ASPCA offered financial support to qualified equine rescue programs and groups that care for them, to help keep equines alive and keep these groups afloat.

Wild for Life Foundation is honored and grateful to accept the ASPCA’s lifesaving support which came just in time to secure winter hay for our rescue horses. The ASPCA Equine Fund - Hay Bale Out enabled us to purchase enough hay to make it through the crucial winter months when hay funds were at their lowest. Funds received made it possible to purchase enough hay in advance to get through December and January.

The WFLF’s Lifetime Equine Refuge is dedicated to providing lifesaving stewardship to rescue horses in need, and strives to engage the public in learning experiences that inspire advocacy for the prevention of cruelty to animals.

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