Friday, July 11, 2014

Wild Horse Expert and Conservationist, Sandi Claypool, joins Wild For Life Foundation as the new Wild Horse Conservation Manager in California


Wild Horse Expert and Conservationist, Sandi Claypool, joins Wild For Life Foundation as a new Wild Horse Sanctuary Manager in California

July 12, 2014 - The Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is pleased to announce that Sandi Claypool will
be joining the WFLF Sanctuary Program Team as a new on site Wild Horse Manager.
Sandi Claypool is the founder of Monero Mustangs of New Mexico.  She has dedicated her work to keeping the genetic pool of the original Spanish El Rito Mustang alive. As an educator, Sandi will aim to bring a wealth of knowledge to our wild horse educational program, about the treasure of this regal and adaptive band of vanishing 'El Rito' Spanish that helped build the west.  “Our American Mustang has impacted every race and every culture in the building of our Nation. These iconic living legends helped fight our battles, conquer and build settlements in our Nation, deliver our mail, transport doctors to the sick, transported supplies, and fought in our nations wars on all sides, says Ms Claypool.  “The symbol of freedom they represent during turbulent times is a great healer of broken hearts.”

Referred to by many as the Spanish horses, these Mustangs trace their lineage back to the reintroduction of equines to North America by the Spaniards in the 1500's.  These majestic icons now need homes after narrowly escaping government eradication.

Just recently the Monero Mustangs lost their freedom and their homes on the open rangelands in New Mexico and were in grave danger of going to slaughter. The Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) launched a special rescue mission to assist the Monero Mustangs in April, in effort to save these majestic Mustangs and because of YOU, and every single friend who has sent in donations this large scale emergency rescue mission is nearly complete. “It’s so important in these times of great need to band together, to partner and collaborate,” says Katia Louise. “We’ve got to stick together, especially when the going gets tough, and do everything possible to help each other on behalf of the horses in need.”  

Wild For Life Foundation launched the WFLF Monero Mustang Rescue and Recovery Mission to save the
lives of these majestic individual horses, and also to assure that the Monero Mustang legacy will live on. "With wild mustang herds across the west vanishing, the importance of protecting and preserving them, and providing the public the opportunity to view and experience wild mustangs in their natural environment is essential to the history and the future of our Nation," adds Ms. Louise.

Since late 2013, WFLF has rescued and placed approximately 180 wild Mustangs, including approximately 140 Monero Mustangs, and 40 Navajo Mustangs, including 21 orphaned foals (ages 1-6 months old), and several pregnant mares who all had lost their freedom and their homes in New Mexico. The baby horses had been orphaned as a result of the roundups and slaughter, which the vast majority of American people oppose. 

"The Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF), a nonprofit charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving wild and domestic horses through rescue, sanctuary, and education, is developing a permanent public benefit sanctuary where horses and people are partners in healing," said WFLF's founder Katia Louise. WFLF will be re-homing 50-60 of these rescued Spanish and Navajo Mustangs, and give them a permanent natural habitat sanctuary within 30-60 minutes of San Diego.  Sandi and the last couple groups of Spanish horses are due to arrive in California sometime later this month.

Donations to WFLF's 'Seeds of Life' fundraising program will support its sanctuary program which will make a meaningful difference in the lives of both people and animals.  And through monthly gifts of $10 or more, Lifeline Legacy Members can help secure permanent quality care and habitats for these victimized animals. Monthly giving is the easiest way to support WFLF's lifesaving mission. Each monthly gift helps to provide a consistent, reliable income stream that allows the rescue and sanctuary team to tackle whatever case may come through the door, and helps to assure that these vulnerable victimized horses will never be at risk of mistreatment again!

The Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is a U.S. registered tax exempt 501 (c)3 nonprofit charity dedicated to protecting America's equines through rescue, rehabilitation, education and sanctuary. The WFLF provides programs to promote community enrichment, including wild horse preserves, equine wellness activities and robust equine assisted programs for active duty military, veterans and their families, as well as disadvantaged youth and others in need. We save the lives of homeless, mistreated and slaughter bound horses whose healing hearts enhance the lives of people.  Federal ID Number: 26-3052458

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