Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Flooding and Mud hits California Horse Sanctuary

December 10, 2014: WFLF's rescue and sanctuary facilities located in Riverside, CA got hit with flooding and mud the first week in December this year, (2014). Both facilities have good drainage under normal circumstances, however we got hit really hard with an extreme rain storm with flash flooding causing an on slot of rushing water, mud and brush washing into some of the main horse sanctuary habitat areas. The equine natural habitat and stable areas were hit the hardest. Sections of the Temecula sanctuary were washed out when flash flooding broke through the center hub – rivers of water, mud, and debris quickly consumed and washed out feeding areas, equine recovery and rehab areas and the main access road which runs through the center of the sanctuary. The flash flooding hit late at night and thankfully no horses were injured. However, we are still making needed repairs to barns structures and many vital supplies must be replaced including crucial hay and feed.

Goods and services needed:
Hay and feed
Bedding (pine shavings)
Sand bags
DG (decomposed granite), rock and gravel
Transport assistance for hauling equipment and supplies.
Fence and facility repairs

We thank those who have donated in this time of need, and we are sincerely thankful for the kind volunteers who have been able to come out and help. -- But we are not out of the dark yet.

As always, 100% of the donations received by the Wild For Life Foundation go directly to aid the horses. We are an all volunteer grassroots charity that relies 100% on donated goods, services and monetary donations.

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