Friday, May 16, 2014

BINGO to Benefit Horses! Save the Date!

Bingo Boy brings BINGO to Benefit HORSES!
Tuesday, June  10th,  7PM
Viva Cantina, 900 Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA

With Celebrity Caller
Heather Michaels

10 ROUNDS of BINGO with Fabulous PRIZES!


Hosted by BINGO BOY and Bingo Hostess ROXY WOOD!

Full Menu and Bar

Suggested Donation $20

For Reservations Visit:
Brown Paper
Search term “Viva Cantina” or

100+ Imperilled Mustangs in Need

NOTE: The "WFLF Monero Mustangs Rescue Mission" ENDED in June of 2015, at which time WFLF closed its solicitations for donations supporting this mission. 

More than 150 Mustangs recently lost their protected home in New Mexico. Many of them are reportedly part of a conservation program for rare breed Mustangs and must stay together in their family bands. Approximately 60 of them have been saved, but more than 90 of these Mustangs still need YOUR HELP!

With your continued support the Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is providing direct emergency aid to help save these wild horses. WFLF is also working to secure permanent safe harbor for as many of these Mustangs as possible. WFLF is a grassroots charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving equines and its all volunteer rescue team is working around the clock to bring these Mustangs to permanent safe harbor where they can live out their lives, and run free as nature intended. WFLF depends 100% on your continued tax deductible donations to accomplish this lifesaving work.

Donate to support this effort:

The remaining Mustangs are down to the last of the hay. More donations are needed to purchase hay to keep these precious and majestic icons fed until new safe and sustainable grazing land can be secured for all of them.

Just weeks ago, in April, the Wild for Life Foundation launched the WFLF Monero-Mustang Rescue and Recovery Mission, a large scale emergency rescue operation established to help save 100+ Wild Horses. WFLF is working to secure permanent safe harbor for all of these imperiled Mustangs through its wild horse rescue and sanctuary program. The WFLF has already
 provided emergency aid and helped to successfully rescue and re-home over sixty of these Mustangs who had lost their protected  homes in New Mexico and had become at risk of barbaric slaughter. This large scale rescue operation includes twenty five Mustangs which Monero founder, Claypool states, "have been positively identified as El Rito Spanish Mustangs; descendants of the Spanish horses brought to the Americas by Juan de Onate in the 1500's." This Wild Horse rescue and recovery mission also includes pregnant mares, orphan foals and wild horses that had been brutally rounded up by the BLM and removed from their Native lands.
They need your help in order to save their lives. This is their last stand!

Emergency funds are being raised to feed and water these family bands while placement and transport are being secured. It’s a race against the clock to secure safe harbor placement and evacuate the remaining Mustangs to safety as soon as possible. Meanwhile, rescue team members are vigorously working around the clock, trucking in hay and water on a daily basis.

Donations are needed to pay for more hay and transport. Together, YOU have helped to save more than half of them. Please help to save them all!

Caring people with graze-able pasture space can help by providing safe harbor for individual family bands of 10-20 horses through the summer months. Your generous act of kindness will allow precious funds/resources to pay for essential costs to feed, house and care for the remaining herd members during this time of crisis.

This is a large scale operation and time is of the essence. Learn more:

Adoption info:
Small numbers of 2-4 Mustangs will be considered for individual foster and adoption to qualified homes. Adopters must provide transport.

Serious adoption and foster inquiries/ learn more: