Sunday, May 17, 2015

New beginnings for victimized wild horses

Dear friends and humanitarians,
There's a bright future around the corner for these majestic wild horses. Over the last year with your past support, WFLF saved and re-homed approximately 200 wild horses through its Wild Horse Rescue and Recovery Mission. WFLF took in and reunited over seventy five of these wild horses with their family bands into its wild horse program under WFLF's umbrella. With your continued support these victimized Mustangs have
been loved, cared and provided for by the Wild For Life Foundation and we have promised all of them that their fate would not be to end up in auction yards around the country or on a dinner plate abroad.

These horses don't know it, but with your continued support, those that are ready will begin the next leg of their momentous journey. Soon they will begin leaving WFLF's transitional recovery facility which has been their lifesaving refuge, for new beginnings where they can once again live and socialize freely on open pasture lands. Horses that lost everything will begin a brand new and exciting chapter in their lives.  But we'll tell you more about that over the next few weeks  to come.

Today we are sincerely and humbly asking for your help. With your kind and compassionate support we rescued these horses and saved their lives. But rescue is just the beginning.  It takes an enormous amount of financial resources to carry out these lifesaving missions and assure the future of these animals.  We are doing our best to secure funds in a time when there is little to share. We are relying on $5, 10 and $20 donations from good, caring, animal loving people that want to see America's wild horses have a fighting chance against those that have been killing them and relentlessly exploited them, and driving them to near extinction.
Please help us now. We truly cannot do this without you.  Funds are urgently needed for transport, quality hay, vetting for these horses to get them through this crucial time of transition.  Will you help us meet this challenge by making a donation?  Will you also share this and ask your friends to match your donation? Wild For Life Foundation cannot do this alone. Please stand by us now. Use the link below to make a donation today. Thank you!
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With gratitude,
Katia Louise, President
Wild For Life Foundation
Director, Saving America's Horses