Thursday, October 8, 2015

Neglected BunnIes found in Need of Urgent Medical Care and Housing

Approximately two dozen bunnies including babies and pregnant does are in need of immediate medical care and housing!

In the midst of an equine rescue mission we discovered approximately two dozen neglected bunnies.  They were struggling to survive in an old barn stall practically buried in mounds of feces over two feet  high.  Most of them are dehydrated, malnourished and severely infested with mites.  Sadly, we also found several baby bunny carcasses rotting amongst them. We believe that the mothers were just unable to produce enough milk due to malnutrition.  Our rescue and recovery team has evacuated them to safety, but help is needed to raise funds for their medical care and housing.
With your support we at the Wild For Life Foundation will be able to provide these innocent and deserving little bunnies with a second chance at life.  Funds are needed for spay and neutering, and  bunny cages.  We hope to be able to adopt many of these little sweethearts into new loving homes once they have fully recovered and healed.
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Please share with your friends to help save as many of these little innocent bunnies as possible.

Thank you,
The Team at Wild For Life Foundation