Friday, December 11, 2015

Restoring Hope for America’s Horses and Keeping the Goodwill Going

Restoring Hope for America’s Horses
2015 – A Year of Lifesaving Success and Healing

It’s been an amazing year of recovery and healing for animals at the Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF).  We set out to ‘Give Horses Hope in 2015’ and we’re celebrating success! Your unwavering support for our lifesaving rescue program and our powerful educational program continues to help us save hundreds of lives every year.  The animals are counting on us to continue to deliver and we thank you for helping to make that possible.
Here are a few highlights of some of the biggest accomplishments that the WFLF has achieved over the past year with YOUR support. 

  • WFLF provided for the urgent needs of numerous horses and burros found in life threatening situations, including wild horses and burros that have been brutally rounded up and removed from their homelands, slaughter bound equines, starved, injured, neglected, abused and abandoned equines.  We’ve rescued, placed and accepted into our sanctuary over two hundred wild Mustangs, including orphan foals just weeks old and pregnant mares that we found in life threatening danger. 
  • Through WFLF’s Emergency Equine Rescue Mission we’ve been able to save over seventy five sacred Navajo horses and burros and we have provided them with needed primary care and permanent safe harbor under WFLF’s Wild Horse Rescue and Sanctuary Program.
  • We provided truck loads of quality nutritional hay and grains, urgently needed veterinary medical care, farrier care, transport, and safe haven sanctuary facilities for numerous
    slaughter-bound Mustangs that had recently lost their free-grazing land.  And, we facilitated the relocation and re-homing of many of these Mustangs to new sanctuary range-lands. In addition, we welcomed over a dozen of these wild Mustangs into WFLF’s Wild Horse Sanctuary where they will continue receiving primary care and will be able to live out their lives in peace, without ever being at risk of roundup or slaughter again.
  • We conducted deployments of our Emergency Equine Rescue Services in several states across the Nation, saving horses from starvation, slaughter, abuse and displacement. We set up two additional satellite wild horse recovery centers through WFLF’s Lifetime Equine Refuge for the urgent intake and recovery of imperiled Mustangs that need medical care and emergency safe harbor.  We’ve continued to conduct our Lifetime Equine Refuge Safe Haven network and satellite program in more than 10 cities across the nation. Together with our accredited supporters and partners, we’ve provided direct care to victimized equines in more than eight states Nationwide.
  • We preserved, protected and re-homed over 125 rare historic wild horses that came into WFLF’s Rescue and Sanctuary Program from across America.
  • Through WFLF’s Operation Thoroughbred, we saved more at-risk Thoroughbreds over the last year that had been bred for racing.  Sadly these majestic icons had been virtually discarded with nowhere to go.  We’ve given these victims a second chance at life through WFLF’s Rehabilitation and Sanctuary program.
  • With gratitude it has been our honor to recognize the DJ & T Foundation through WFLF’s Seeds of Life Program.  The DJ & T Foundation’s generous and crucial support has been instrumental in the lifesaving work we have been able to accomplish this year.  
  • We welcomed over 20,000 new fans to our Saving America's Horses social action media page on Facebook this year.  These compassionate and dedicated fans have made a huge difference in the lives of animal victims by sharing WFLF’s Multi-Media Educational materials and information, and by giving in support of our missions.
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·         As part of our Year End Giving Program we invite you to help us keep the our important mission work  going by making a donation to help us feed and care for horses in need this winter. Will you help us save desperate horses in need today? Your tax deductible gift, no matter the amount will help make it possible for us to save more lives and provide vital aid to horses and burros in need through this holiday season.

In the coming months, we’ll keep you updated with more details about these victories, and the many others that you’ve helped us to achieve. And, as we celebrate this season of thanks and giving, we would like to share our sincere appreciation for all who’ve made our tremendous work for horses and burros possible. We invite you to take pride and reflect on all the good that your kind support helps us accomplish for the animals – and the continued progress we can achieve together in the times ahead.

With blessings and gratitude, on behalf of the horses,
Katia Louise
Katia Louise, Founder, President, Executive Director
The Wild For Life Foundation