Monday, January 26, 2015

HOPE Tees for Horses - Raise awareness and help Save lives

Only 5 days left to support Wild For Life Foundation's HOPE Tees for Horses!  We are selling t-shirts to help raise awareness for horses in need and much needed funds to support our equine rescue and recovery mission.  Please share this link and buy some shirts to show your support for the horses we all love and work so hard to save and protect every day!  Thank you in advance from the WFLF Team!

Our premier t-shirt design features Guapa a rescued pregnant mare and her recently born filly Preciosa. Their

lives were recently saved through WFLF’s Monero-Mustang Rescue Mission, together with approximately 140 other imperiled Mustangs after losing their range-land home and narrowly escaping slaughter. Guapa gave birth to Preciosa just weeks after arriving to WFLF’s ranch in California. They are featured front and back on this Ultra Cotton T-shirt in sizes youth – adult, YXS – XXXXL.

Our goal is to sell 500 t-shirts and we need your help 'sharing' to reach more animal loving people. Funds raised will go to work instantly to provide the best available food and care for the rescue horses served under the Wild For Life Foundation.  Click here to support:

Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) provides lifesaving equine rescue and sanctuary regardless of age, breed or disability. We provide nutritional hay and feed, urgent care, rehabilitation, education and sanctuary and adoption for displaced, starved, homeless and slaughter bound horses in need.  At WFLF each life saved is just the beginning for in-coming rescue horses. Your continued support makes it possible for us to assure their lives of peace and health, free from abuse and cruelty.  We are an all volunteer nonprofit 501(C)3 organization and we depend 100% upon the generosity of others to accomplish our mission. Without your continued support we would be unable to carry out our crucial lifesaving mission.

Federal ID No 26-3053458

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Saving America’s Horses -Tees for Horses – by Wild For Life Foundation Charity

Help prevent the suffering and spare the lives of victimized wild and domestic equines with this beautiful ultra cotton t-shirt featuring rescued American Mustangs.

The bond of their love knows no boundaries as shared by Guapa, a
rare Spanish Mustang (who was saved by the Wild For Life Foundation just in the nick of time from grave risk of slaughter after losing her Native range-land home), and her little filly Preciosa as they inspire hope for horses in need.

Click here to order
And share this link:

Bring hope to horses, help save a lives and make a huge difference today.

Limited time offer expires January 31st. Order now for estimated delivery around Valentine's Day.

Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) needs your help to help save a lives and make a huge difference for horses in need. WFLF provides lifesaving rescue regardless of age, breed or disability. We provide urgent care, rehabilitation, education and sanctuary and adoption services.

Wild For Life Foundation is a non-profit 501(C)3

Back view
organization and depends 100% upon the generosity of others to accomplish our goals.  Federal ID No: 26-3052458

Visit website:

Please note: The colors shown on the sample t-shirt images are approximated. Due to relative inconsistencies of various display monitors, the colors you see on your screen may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual product.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Symbols of Freedom; Icons in the History of Mankind

Meet Mija, "I am wild horse. People say we are majestic symbols of freedom; icons in the history of mankind. But we are in peril. Our children and family are being killed off and we have lost our native range-land homes.

Many people are trying to help us; to protect us and to keep us safe.

But more help is needed. Some of us have been saved and taken to sanctuary, but many of our family members will never be so lucky. Please help give us a voice."

Say NO to roundups
Say NO to slaughter
Say YES to Hope, Justice and Freedom

Make your voice heard - Stand With Us -
Wild for Life Foundation