Monday, February 22, 2016

Wild For Life Foundation launches campaign to help keep wild Mustangs and burros safe and protected

Monday, Feb 22, 2016, Los Angeles, CA – The Wild For Life Foundation launches campaign to help keep wild Mustangs and burros safe and protected. WFLF warns the public that the future of America’s wild horses and burros is in jeopardy.  

With human encroachment on natural habitats a constant feature of
our modern world, America's wild and historic Mustangs are quickly losing their Native home lands. As the remaining number of Wild Horses in the U.S. nears extinction, the need for their legal protection becomes tantamount to their survival as a species. America’s Wild Horses cannot be reproduced once they are gone.

Charity missions like WFLF’s “WILD AND FREE” campaign help to raise awareness and the essential funds to aid wild horses and burros that need rescue and sanctuary services after being rounded up, starved neglected, discarded or discovered in other life threatening danger.

“The number of animals we serve through our rescue and sanctuary program has grown exponentially since our beginning, from just a few animals annually to more than one hundred each year,” said Katia Louise, WFLF President and Founder.  And since late 2014, the WFLF has additionally has met the needs of over two hundred victimized rare and wild Mustangs, including over four dozen pregnant mares and orphan foals. WFLF also continues to provide urgently needed veterinary medical care, nutritious hay, transport and safe natural habitats for over seventy five rescued rare and historic wild horses and burros who reside at WFLF’s sanctuary facilities. 

Will you help save and protect wild horses and burros by buying a
Hope Tees for Horses WILD AND FREE charity t-shirt? Funds raised through these t-shirts will help pay for urgently needed provisions including lifesaving hay and medical care for at-risk Mustangs served by the Wild for Life Foundation. 

“We are often stretched to capacity as we respond to the great number of animals that come into our program from across the country,” adds Ms Louise. “We can’t do this work without you. Your continued support makes it possible to carry out our mission.”

‘HOPE Tees for Horses’ is a powerful lifesaving project under WFLF’s Saving America’s Horses program, and this year’s theme is "WILD AND FREE”.  

The new artful design features a wild American Mustang filly named Kachina, (which means spirit). After losing her freedom, her home and her family on America’s open range-lands Kachina was about to lose her life to slaughter. WFLF saved
Kachina and her family and brought them to safe harbor under WFLF’s sanctuary program where they can live out their lives, free from cruelty and with the assurance of never being at risk of roundup or slaughter again. Kachina’s touching story of courage, survival, love and triumph is represents hope for America's endangered Mustangs who now find themselves targeted for extinction on their quickly disappearing and threatened Native home lands.  Kachina is just one of one of many Wild American Mustangs that you'll be helping by simply purchasing and wearing some of these artful t-shirts.   

WFLF needs and respectfully seeks your support. We rely 100% on donations to carry out this important lifesaving work.

Thank you in advance for your continued and devoted support.

With warmest regards,
Katia Louise, President, Founder
Wild for Life Foundation

Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is a volunteer based 501 (c)3 charity dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals with a focus on animal welfare and the protection of wildlife. Among our greatest concerns are imperiled wild horses and burros, and abused, neglected and slaughter bound wild and domestic equines. WFLF is dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving wild and domestic equines through rescue, rehabilitation, education and sanctuary. The WFLF also promotes the conservation of wild horses on their Native lands and the preservation of natural ecosystems and wildlife. We save the lives of homeless, starved and slaughter bound horses whose healing hearts enhance the lives of people.

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