Monday, May 2, 2016

Urgent Action Needed for Wild Horses and Burros

Wild For Life Foundation's (WFLF) dedicated team of volunteers has placed their lives on hold working around the clock to assure 72 at risk wild horses and burros, orphans, new born babies and pregnant Mama’s saved from roundups, starvation and slaughter receive the lifesaving care and provisions they need including quality nutritional hay and grains, urgently needed veterinary medical care, farrier care and safe peaceful housing.

16 starvation, neglect and roundup survivors have arrived to our facilities just since the beginning of this year; some are pregnant, some injured and many of them need specialized medical care to make a full recovery.  41 of these at risk wild horses and burros are roundup and slaughter survivors, including Mustang orphan foals, mamas and their babies that arrived to WFLF after being captured during roundups. 15 of these rescued victims include domesticated wild horses (wild horses that had been captured by the BLM, but had fallen through the cracks after going through their adoption program), and other innocent equine rescues currently in recovery – survivors from starvation, abuse and neglect cases.

The WFLF Wild Horse and Burro Rescue and Recovery Mission is a program under the Wild For Life Foundation which aids wild horses and burros that need rescue and sanctuary services after being rounded up, starved neglected, discarded or discovered in other life threatening danger. Your unwavering support for our lifesaving rescue program and our powerful educational program continues to help save hundreds of lives every year.  The animals are counting on us to continue to deliver and we thank you for helping to make that possible.  Please consider making a compassionate donation to help save lives today.

Wild For Life Foundation is a 501 c(3) charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving equines.  Donations to the Wild For Life Foundation are tax deductible and help pay for essential hay, veterinary care, farrier care, safe quality housing and emergency transport for at risk horses and burros in need.  WFLF also works with law enforcement and other government agencies to save, place and care for victims of animal cruelty. Your continued support makes it possible to carry out our crucial lifesaving mission. 

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