Saturday, August 27, 2016

Brand new t-shirt design featuring Radar, the little baby burro with a big mission

Meet Radar, the cutest baby burro ever! He wants to help save & protect
horses and burros from cruelty. Will you help Radar by buying this t-shirt with his picture on it? 

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You can help make a difference and save precious lives today when you buy a beautiful HOPE Tees for Horses T-shirt. Make a Difference todayThe shirts are available in youth, adult and ladies sizes and in three colors.  (update) Wooho! And now by popular demand... Radar's special t-shirt offer is now extended to Labor day, 9/6 9pm

Please help us meet our goal of 200 Tees ! You can make a huge difference in the lives of numerous horses and burros by buying a t-shirt and sharing this link:

About Radar:
Radar is a little baby boy burro whose mommy was living wild in the rural foothills of Southern California together with her family of wild burros. Urban development is now infringing on their homeland and their way of life has changed. Radar's mommy and several of her family members were recently captured by local authorities to help protect them from getting hit by cars. Wild For Life Foundation recently accepted 9 of these burros into its rescue and sanctuary program. Six of the incoming burros were pregnant when they were captured. Radar is one of the little babies who life was saved through Wild For Life Foundation's Wild Burro Rescue and Recovery Mission.

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