Monday, January 30, 2017

The history of WFLF Monero-Mustang Rescue Mission

The history of WFLF Monero-Mustang Rescue Mission -
In early 2014 the Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) received a desperate plea of life and death urgency from the founder of Monero Mustangs, a New Mexico (NM) nonprofit organization (NPO) for emergency rescue assistance. Sadly the MM's entire herd of horses found themselves stranded in deserted feedlots without access to water or hay. Without the resources to house, feed and care for them, the Monero Mustangs (MM), a then failed/defunct NPO, was on the verge of losing its horses’ lives to unspeakable gruesome slaughter.

The WFLF Monero-Mustang Rescue Mission (WFLF MMRM) was launched by the Wild For Life Foundation as crisis intervention to save the MM horses lives and a means for providing emergency aid and helping to facilitate the urgent need for relocation and placement of these at risk horses. As an equine rescue and protection organization, an indisputable RESCUE NEED must be well established and plead by anyone seeking WFLF rescue assistance prior to the acceptance of their equines into WFLF’s program.

WFLF raised funds and utilized these resources to provide vital lifesaving equine rescue services and supplies to  meet the demands of this urgent RESCUE NEED.

In April of 2014, WFLF began providing emergency financial aid toward the direct care, feeding, transport and placement of these horses. WFLF additionally facilitated the placement of the majority of these horses into new 3rd third party homes.

MM, the surrendering owner, made an urgent written plea to the Wild For Life Foundation to rescue and take in approximately 50 horses whose lives were said to be in imminent danger, and that MM had no other means to save them.

WFLF expenses for their direct care and custody of these surrendered horses, which included unadoptable, pregnant and nursing foals, unborn foals, colts, fillies, senior horses, malnourished and injured mares, geldings and stallions, whom began arriving to WFLF facilities in September, 2014, has since exceeded $150,000.

In mid 2015, WFLF officially terminated its relationship with Ms Claypool and MM due to numerous egregious violations to WFLF policies which serve to protect America’s at risk equines from harm.
WFLF also transferred approximately thirty three of these horses for direct placement into a 3rd party sanctuary in Northern California, and thereafter WFLF officially concluded this rescue mission.

The Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF), has extended sincere compassion, benevolence and good will toward Monero Mustangs and its founder. However, WFLF’s successful mission to aid and save these horses has been met with disregard and disrespect by MM and its agents.

To date, WFLF continues to provide ongoing quality care and housing for last 15 surrendered  horses which have at all times remained under the legal ownership, title, care and custody of WFLF since first accepted by WFLF in 2014.

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