Sunday, February 19, 2017

Legal Protection Fund to Defend America's Equine Cruelty Victims

Funding sought for legal aid and protection for equine cruelty victims. Wild For Life Foundation calls on private and philanthropic community to join the effort.

Feb 19, 2017, Riverside, CA - Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) today announced the creation of a Legal Protection and Defense Fund to assure legal relief and protection for the innocent animals served through WFLF's mission.

This legal fund speaks to WFLF's ongoing commitment to protect America’s equine community and uphold the values that our country was built on; horses have played an important role in shaping our Nation and as an indigenous/ native species, wild horses indeed compliment the natural environment of North America. 

“WFLF has a proud history of integrity, best practices and compassion, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that horses and burros as served through our mission are safe, secure and supported. We have created a legal protection fund,” said founder, Katia Louise. “And your donation to WFLF’s Legal Protection Fund, as generous as you’re able, will help assure legal relief and protection for the innocent animals served by WFLF while we keep our focus and efforts on the continuum of care and ongoing lifesaving protective work for animals that WFLF and its Saving America's Horses program conducts every day of the year.."

“The establishment of the legal protection fund is yet another reaffirmation of WFLF’s strong stance opposing threats and acts of harm against America’s horses and burros,” said Vice President, Jay Coskie.

“Horses and burros are intelligent, sentient and social beings. Access to legal protection can have lifesaving impact for these animals and their families. Legal protection ensures that animals in our communities will be safe from harassment, and cruelty, and can truly live their lives in safety, security, and peace.

This announcement is the latest in a series of actions the WFLF charity has taken to model and inspire solidarity amongst fellow humanitarians and horse welfare advocates who are devoted to protecting, saving, preserving and defending horses and burros from harm, harassment and cruelty.

Since founding, the WFLF and its Saving America’s Horses Initiative have launched and provided compelling and powerful programs benefitting the community and the movement to protect America's horses and burros, including a series of powerful educational platforms, successful rescue missions, outreach and advocacy programs and initiatives. These WFLF programs have saved and protected hundreds of at risk American horses and burros from starvation, abuse, neglect, abandonment, roundups and slaughter.  These programs and initiatives include Saving America’s Horses, the renowned Navajo Horses Rescue and Recovery Mission, Hope for Horses, Tees for Horses, WFLF’s Mustang Rescue Missions, and the international Saving America’s Horses Coalition.

Tax deductible contributions will help enable WFLF to keep its focus on its Saving America's Horses lifesaving protective work for animals that WFLF conducts every day of the year.

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