Friday, April 21, 2017

Help A Horse and Keep them Safe Fundraising

April 21, 2017
Dear Friends and Supporters,
As many of you know, our leased rescue facility in Riverside County is located at 4500' in elevation in a remote area on a sloping plateau on the side of a steep mountain and we were slammed with a series of severe winter storms this year. We have leased this ranch and pasture space for the purpose of caring and housing an average of 80 equines until just recently. We are happy to announce the successful placement of several of our rescued equines into new foster and adoptive homes since the beginning of this year.  The process of relocating approximately 50 equines whom remain under our direct care and custody to alternative facilities continues to this day. We are also happy to report that all equines that have been relocated are doing well at their new locations and there were no injuries due to the flooding/ severe storm damages. However, due to the series of severe winter storms, we have reached out to our supporters this year for special assistance .

Our volunteer rescue team members are still working around the clock to relocate our equine family of rescued horses and burros and to salvage our charities equine rescue and sanctuary equipment. In the end this is a daunting task of recovery, relocating and rebuilding will have taken several months to complete.

Through our equine rescue and sanctuary program we care and provide custody for both domestic and wild equines at this site and also operate a safe haven network of emergency rescue services for at risk equines through the use of other private facilities.  Rescue services provided range from short term, long term, QT, layup, rehab, training, foster and adoption, depending on the combination of needs of the rescue animals and the resources available to our charity.

Our charity does not yet own its own facility and therefore leases land to provide safe and peaceful homes to serve our family of rescued equines. We want nothing more than to successfully carry out our mission by meeting the needs of the rescue need equines we serve. We look forward to continued equine rescue success and victories on behalf of the many horses and burros in need.  We greatly value the support we receive for our animal rescue and protection programs and appreciate your continued generous donations.

We have been steadily making needed repairs required to assist and assure in the continuum of care and relocation of WFLF's rescued equines.

Storm Background:
Winter 2016-2017, a series severe winter storms, slammed our equine rescue facility without warning, with torrential rain, flooding, and mud barreling through, washing out internal rescue road/ access ways and leaving our stable areas grounds saturated and unstable. Rushing river gulches up to 6' deep and 8' wide have washed out access ways cutting one side of our facility off from the other. Nearly all feeding areas were washed out, our layup pens, and barn areas where special needs and senior horses reside were hit the hardest and these areas also house our hay, feed and supplies, causing extensive loss in feed supplies and essentially crippled operations.

Donations to help with these urgent needs can be made online and by mail.

YOU make it possible for Wild for Life Foundation to save horses’ lives. We can’t do this work without you.

The Wild For Life Foundation relies 100% on tax deductible donations from caring and compassionate people like you. Please consider making a meaningful donation today.

Thank you,
The Team at Wild For Life Foundation

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