Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Victory -We won! Court rules against Perpetrators of Malicious Harm

March 15, 2017 - Riverside, CA - VICTORY! WE WON! Wild For Life Foundation is pleased to announce that the court ruled in our favor today.  During a major preliminary hearing, and after considering substantial documentation the court found today that the Wild For Life Foundation was likely prevail at trial and therefore denied the perpetrator's motion for a writ.

Officials at the Wild for Life Foundation are celebrating their win for the horses today. Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) is a non-profit, animal protection and rescue organization that focuses primarily on saving, protecting, preserving and defending wild and domestic horses and burros from roundups, slaughter and general abuse.

Recently however, there have been attempts by certain persons to maliciously harm Wild for Life Foundation by making false allegations which directly threaten the very health, welfare and future of the innocent rescue horses and burros this charity so dutifully serves.

Unfortunately, all efforts to resolve these issues without resorting to court proved futile.

As such, the Wild For Life Foundation filed a defamation suit (amongst a litany of other causes of action including Breach of Contract, Interference with Economic Advantage, Trespass and Harassment) against the malicious perpetrators including Ms. Lynne Randall (aka Rocky Randall), John and Kathleen Wilhelm, and Sandi Claypool of the Monero Mustangs. (Please see Case No.: MCC1700082 filed in Riverside Superior Court.)

As expected, the defendants filed a retaliatory and frivolous counter suit filled with false declarations which have since been complete refuted as substantiated by today's court ruling.

Help WFLF stand strong against malicious harm that threatens the health and safety of America's horses. 

Please check back to read the court order.

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