Friday, May 19, 2017

Rescue and Sanctuary News from the Wild For Life Foundation

May 2017 update: Success! We did it! We have successfully relocated many members of
our Southern California equine family to new, safe and peaceful homes nearby. We have also successfully evacuated many horses and burros out of storm damaged facilities, placed several equines into new foster and adoptive homes and successfully started some of our most promising youngsters into quality training. Through our equine rescue and sanctuary program we continue to care and provide custody for approximately 50 domestic and wild equines. We also provide safe haven emergency rescue aid and services for at risk equines in need both locally and on a national basis.  

Working in equine rescue is hard work and requires the sacrifice of long days and nights and rescue team members must be on the ready at all times for whatever urgent needs arise. It takes compassion, integrity and complete devotion, all of which must be given from the heart without expectation of any personal gain.  And despite the many challenges we have faced
over the years, we are humbled and honored to have successfully carried out our mission for nearly 10 years by meeting the needs of at risk and rescue need animals through rescue, sanctuary and educational services and programming on a National level.

We look forward to continued equine rescue success and victories on behalf of the many horses and burros we serve.  We greatly value the community's continued support which we rely 100% on to carry out our mission and charitable services. We are an all volunteer charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving both wild and domestic equines. 

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Thank you.
The Team at the Wild For Life Foundation