Thursday, July 13, 2017

America's Horses - Their Future is Our Future

WASHINGTON, DC. , July 13, 2017 - The House Appropriations Committee voted today in support of Budget proposals which would effectively strip protection for horses and burros from slaughter.
HOWEVER, the fight to SAVE America’s Horses is far from over,” states the Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF).  Voting on the 2018 Budget proposals will move from the House to the Senate.

“The Senate Leadership has a history of opposing horse slaughter and it’s crucial for the safety and welfare of America’s horses and burros for the Senate to continue upholding their positive support,” added WFLF.

“It’s vital for the people and groups who sincerely care about these animals to demonstrate a strong showing of positive support for the Senate’s long history in opposition of slaughter,” says Saving America’s Horses and WFLF.”

We are a Nation of animal loving people. Every day, through raising awareness and humane education more and more people take an active stand in support the prevention of animal cruelty in America. Compassionate education is key to protecting America’s equines from slaughter.

Despite pro-slaughter propaganda which serves to mislead the public and dismantle needed protection for these animals, results from a 2015 American Horse Publications (AHA) Survey indeed reflect complex relationships between humans and horses, where 67.4% view their horses as family members, and 62.7% view them as companion animals, 57.6% regard them as performance partners, and 55.9% regard them as their best friends. In fact the same survey shows that horse ownership and involvement has stabilized since the recession and is likely to rise. The AHA survey also reveals that a much smaller percentage of horse owners view their horses as an investment, livestock animal or employee.

“The positive growth in meaningful relationships between people and animals in America signals is a huge positive in the movement for protection and preservation of America’s horses,” states Jay Coskie, vice president WFLF. “It’s up to us, to make a win for America’s horses through continued positive change for good,” added Katia Louise, director Saving America’s Horses.

“WFLF and Saving America’s Horses is strongly opposed to the killing of wild horses and burros,”
added Jeanne Sullivan, WFLF BOD. “We are also adamantly against the removal of the protective language which currently restricts the sale of wild horses and burros by the BLM for slaughter.”

“By raising awareness and educating the public about the importance of keeping these protections in place, we can win for the horses,” added Ms Louise. “America’s wild horses and burros need support now more than ever. Together, we are their voice and they need to be heard.”

1- Visit our Toolbox and learn why equines must be protected from slaughter. Then help raise awareness by spreading the word in your local community by reaching out to friends, family, neighbors and local leadership members.
2- Visit our Alerts page and learn why wild horses and burros need to be protected in the wild and then raise awareness by sharing the truth in your local community by reaching out to friends, family, neighbors and local leadership members.
3- Stand With Us – Take the pledge to end equine cruelty.
4- Donate to help save and protect horses and burros in need today.
5- Share inspirational and educational banners with your friends and local leaders.

Together, we are their voice and they need to be heard.

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