Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WFLF horses need your help today!

"WFLF's herd of wild and domestic horses and burros need your help today!  The last several months have been especially challenging for our rescue program," said Jeanne Sullivan, WFLF CFO. "In addition to tackling an array of demands, such as a constant stream of animal rescue urgencies, our equine facility was hit hard with a series of severe winter storms and flooding earlier this year which washed away whole sections of our sanctuary. All our horses and burros were evacuated. They are healthy and no horses were injured. However we are still picking up the pieces after salvaging & moving stables and our entire equine rescue operations, and setting up new facilities - all during a time when resources for equine rescue have been tapped out by urgencies across the country. As you might imagine, this has been an extreme hardship for our grassroots charity and has strained crucial resources."  Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) horses need your help today!

From serious trauma, starvation, and other physical or emotional, or painful debilitating conditions, WFLF is dedicated to assuring that these vulnerable victimized animals receive the quality care they deserve and that they will never be at risk of roundup or slaughter again.

Your caring voice makes a difference when you share links to our website with your friends.  And if you haven't already done so, please consider joining our monthly equine giving circle for as little as $5 a month, or more if you can.  When you do, you'll be part of the lifesaving team that makes a difference in the lives of countless starved, abused, distressed and homeless horses in need.

Our family of horses and burros depends 100% on tax deductable donations from caring community members like you. These are dire and special needs equines who have come to our doors with nowhere else to go. They are roundup and slaughter survivors, each with their own special story.

WFLF has indeed stepped up during troubled times to save dire need equines from the brink of death, on numerous occasions over the years. We have provided lifesaving aid for rescue services and nutritional hay for starving and dire need horses across the country, and we have successfully rescued 100's of wild and domestic horses and burros from across the country since founding in 2008.   In addition to providing quality care and housing for an average of 75 - 100 rescued wild and domestic equines annually, we have continued to successfully place an average of 30-50 equines into new loving homes each year. Thankfully we've been able to place a number of adoption and foster candidates into new loving homes this year as well, including short term placements through WFLF's Safe Haven network of collaborating rescue professionals. But several of these special horses are due to return from their short-term foster homes this summer. It takes money to provide these lifesaving rescue services and caring for horses is expensive. Our all-volunteer grassroots charity depends 100% on tax deductible donations of which approximately 97% goes directly to the care of rescued horses served through the Wild for Life Foundation. 

It costs us an average of $250 per horse, per month, to feed, house and care for each rescue equine in our program, which adds up very quickly, and several of our fostered horses are due to return next month.   Will you help support these lifesaving efforts with a donation toward nutritional hay?

Monthly sponsorships are another great way to give your caring donation special meaning. We're really looking forward to welcoming these special horses back home so they can rejoin their herd. We are truly honored to dedicate our lives to ensuring the welfare of these very special and deserving animals. Especially since their happy ending began the day they became WFLF rescues! But we couldn’t do this lifesaving work without the support of our compassionate donors!  These horses and burros really do need your help today!

In national news, just last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved the defunding language which prohibits U.S. Department of Agriculture from hiring horse meat inspectors which in turn prevents horse slaughter plants from being re-opened in the U.S. in the coming year. “WFLF and Saving America’s Horses is strongly opposed to the killing of wild horses and burros,” added Jeanne Sullivan. “We are also adamantly against the removal of the protective language which currently restricts the sale of wild horses and burros by the BLM for slaughter.” WFLF and Saving America’s Horses commend the Senate Appropriations Committee for their continued support for the protection of America's horses and is especially grateful to Sen. Tom Udall and the co-sponsors of their amendment which prevents horses slaughter.

"Protection is however still needed for America's horses from the exportation across federal borders where they continue to face gruesome slaughter every day. And the Senate has yet to vote on the BLM/ DOI appropriations proposal regarding the killing and sale of Mustangs and burros. Their vote on that issue will take place toward the end of summer," added Katia Louise, WFLF founder and president.  “By raising awareness and educating the public about the importance of keeping these protections in place, we can make a win for the horses."

The vast challenges facing America’s wild and domestic equines and their natural habitats are immense. However, armed with compassion and the true facts, and through joining together to make a compelling and united voice heard for the horses and burros, we can educate and effect positive change. Community members are urged to politely reach out to their local representatives to help educate and support the importance of protecting horses and burros in this country. You can make a difference by raising awareness and compassion about need for protecting wild and domestic horses and burros and the reasons are many.  Check out the below facts sheets and visit our website to learn more.

SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES is acclaimed for awakening the moral fabric of humanity,
and together with the Saving America's Horses Initiative this powerful podium and its multimedia educational program has a dynamic reach to animal lovers worldwide. And no matter the insidious, well-funded disinformation campaign by neigh-sayers and proponents of slaughter, we continue to our work saving lives and shedding light on how the public has been misled by certain government agencies and special interests that run over the laws that are supposed to protect the horses, people and the environment. WFLF and its Saving America's Horses program remains a staple and central tool in the national grassroots effort focused on protecting and saving this indigenous species for the greater good, and supporting the wildlife and natural ecosystems that depend on them now and for generations to come.  

The WFLF conducts undercover investigations, exposes cruelty, and holds equine abusers to account. We’ve saved hundreds of horses and burros from neglect and slaughter, and freed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) captured wild horses and burros to forever sanctuary; we’ve turned up the heat on the insidious trade of horse meat; and have inspired more Americans to make cruelty-free choices. We’ve exposed special interest groups for the corrupt distribution of misinformation provided to the public about horse slaughter and the removal of America’s wild horses from their native open rangelands.

Monthly giving is another easy way to support the lifesaving mission of Wild For Life Foundation. Your monthly gift provides a consistent, reliable income stream that allows us to tackle whatever cases may come through our doors.

Support is also welcomed by way of chipping in to help feed horses and burros saved from roundups and slaughter! Having crucial hay supplies on hand at all times is what makes it possible to carry out our lifesaving work. Make a tax deductible gift in any amount today.

From all of us at WFLF and Saving America's Horses, we sincerely thank you for supporting our lifesaving mission.

Katia Louise
President, founder, Volunteer Executive Director
Wild For Life Foundation

Now in our 10th year, the Wild for Life Foundation has a well established track record of compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Our Board of Directors consists of 100% volunteers who contribute their time, money and resources to benefit the Mission of the Wild for Life Foundation. WFLF policies requires compliance with best practices in standards of animal care and general equine management and guidelines of care for the safety, welfare and protection of all animals that come under the umbrella of the Wild For Life Foundation. WFLF is committed to being in compliance with all operational policies, as well as relevant State and Federal laws and regulations in order to protect its mission, its beneficiaries, it assets and to honor donor/ grantor intent. 
The WFLF considers program measurement a proud companion to the transparency that earned our non-profit foundation the prestigious Platinum GuideStar Nonprofit Profile Seal of Transparency. Fully Vetted by GlobalGiving's rigorous due diligence process since 2012 , GlobalGiving has ranked Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) at the highest level. 

WFLF is a U.S. registered 501 (c)(3), all volunteer nonprofit charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving America's equines through rescue, sanctuary and humane education. Our services and objectives are only made possible through donations to our lifesaving mission. Each and every donation no matter the size, makes a difference. Federal ID No 26-3052458


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PS - Please help by telling your friends and family about our lifesaving mission today! Together, we are their voice, and they need to be heard.