Friday, August 4, 2017

One Truth - LOVE

August 4, 2017, San Diego, CA - The Wild For Life Foundation and Saving America's Horses today
announced the launch of "One Truth - LOVE", a project under the their lifesaving mission.

A chief goal is to raise compassion for the protection of America's horses and burros, who are at this time are fighting for their right-to-life on this great planet we share. "These sentient beings are a treasure trove of wisdom and love," states, Jeanne Sullivan, CFO WFLF. The horse nation (the world's horses and burros...) have been loyal in their devoted service and friendship to mankind for thousands of years. They are a proven native species to North America. They complement and contribute to the natural ecosystems of our public rangelands in many ways. "To turn our heads and allow them to be exterminated or sold for slaughter is a betrayal to both the horse nation, and a betrayal to humanity."

"The heart only knows one truth - love, the fire of life", says Chief Daniel 'Eagle Warrior' Ramos, Chief Spiritual Leader, Choctaw Muskogee Yamassee Nation. Chief Daniel is a longtime Ambassador to the Wild For Life Foundation and it's Saving America's Horses program.  "Our sacred native four-legged relatives are facing critical challenges and we need to help them today."

WFLF Saving America's Horses' speaks to the need for protection of America's wild and domestic horses and burros both locally and on a national level. "We are adamantly opposed to slaughter," said Jay Coskie, vice president, WFLF.  "We seek and support strong federal protection for these animals, for a permanent federal ban against slaughter in the U.S. and an end to their exportation from the U.S. for slaughter in foreign countries." "Without federal protection more than 100,000 wild and domestic horses and burros are funneled across U.S. borders for gruesome slaughter each year," added Katia Louise, founder and president WFLF.

America's wild horse and burro population is under direct threat by these issues as well. In May of 2017 the United States, Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released their 2018 “BUDGET JUSTIFICATIONS” with a call for approval of proposed provisions that if passed would strip protections and effectively allow the BLM to shoot and kill wild horses and burros and sell wild horses and burros for slaughter. The Senate has yet to vote on this BLM/ DOI budget proposal. Their vote is anticipated to take place toward the end of this summer.

Please take action and give what you can to help save, protect and preserve America's horses today.

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Together, we are their voice, and they need to be heard!

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