Monday, September 11, 2017

Rally to help Rescue Horses and Burros

These are the faces of the innocent rescue horses and burros that need your support today!

The Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF), an all volunteer nonprofit charity is rallying support to help rescue horses and burros in immediate need. If you have wanted to help, but have put it off, NOW’S THE TIME! These animals come to us traumatized, shattered, desperate and betrayed. With us they find love, safety, compassion, dignity, trust, hope and a new beginning. And at WFLF rescue is just the beginning of our committed dedication to ensure they will never be subject to cruelty or suffering again.

Our immediate objective is to raise funds for  essential equine rescue expenses including hay, hoof care, animal housing, veterinary care and medical supplies.

98% Efficiency RatioAs a rescue, you never know when the next emergency is going to strike and that's why we maximize each and every resource. We operate on a strict budget conserving every dollar. Since founding in 2008, our efficiency ratio has averaged 98-100% which means nearly 100% of  the funds we receive for our lifesaving mission goes straight to the horses served through our rescue and sanctuary program. This is how we continue to ensure each and every animal receives the quality care they need. Donations made to our lifesaving mission pay for their most essential expenses including the cost to house and purchase feed, veterinary medical care and supplies, hoof care and transport. 

Between the nonstop stream of medical emergencies in dealing with incoming cruelty victims including roundup and slaughter survivors, it's a constant challenge to make funding ends meet. But every life saved is a miracle and we count these blessings every day. It takes a village to run a successful rescue and sanctuary program - these animals cannot help themselves. They count on all of us to keep them safe.

Meet some of the horses you will be helping - MorningStar, she is one of the two dozen plus, orphan Mustang foals that we saved  in 2013, during the highly contested U.S. government Navajo roundups. She was just 4 weeks old when her mother was chased down by ATV's out on the open range. She was amongst the first 21 orphan foals we evacuated to safety, but for MorningStar, her internal injuries and the trauma she experienced was far more devastating then anyone imagined.

Shortly after arriving to our orphan foal center MorningStar's body shut down. She was rushed to the hospital by our loving team of volunteer rescue professionals and she was admitted onsite. Her story went viral within hours. MorningStar spent the next 17 days in the ICU at the local veterinary hospital. Too weak to stand or prop herself up for the first several days, she eventually gained enough strength to lay her little hooves forward just long enough to gain nourishment from special foal feed and milk-replacer supplements which were provided to her on the hour. MorningStar's rescue and recovery story touched the lives of animal and horse lovers around the world and helped to bring exposure and needed awareness toward increased protection of this historic native species from the brutal and violent roundup and slaughter activities.

This is MorningStar today. She is thriving and full of spunk and life. She and her  best friend Hope, another orphan foal have grown up together. And, if they could articulate words, we believe they would say, "life is good, thank you for saving us and keeping us safe!"

But they would also tell you that their needs are real and they need to be met every day. Without continued meaningful financial support from caring and compassionate people like you, we could not carry out our mission to protect these precious animals. Please help us to keep them safe with a donation in any amount today. Please click here to donate.

Marley with a new leash on life!Meet Marley, a standard wooley donkey, and victim of neglect, abuse and abandonment. We received an urgent plea from local animal services for his intake assistance. They had impounded Marley at the county shelter where he was placed on the euthanasia list due to severe gaping wounds which spanned across his body, all four legs and his face. We took Marley in and provided him with urgently needed veterinary medical care and surgery. Marley has since fully recovered physically but has permanent wounds from trauma in his past. Marley continues to heal and he receives lots of daily tender loving care under the protection of our sanctuary program where he resides with other rescued donkeys. Marley is just one of the many equines you can help when you make a donation to support our lifesaving work.

We're extremely thankful for each and every dollar donated over the years - with your support we have saved and provided aid and safe harbor for 100's of horses and burros, and have placed many more into new loving homes. We can't do this charitable work without you! Every donation counts and can make a huge difference in the lives of these precious innocent animals.

They need your help today! Time is of the essence to raise crucial funds for this lifesaving mission. Please help us keep them fed and safe.

Tax deductible donations are accepted online and by mail. Please click to give or donate by mail today to the address below. With thanks and much love the horses and burros.

Katia and MiaYours for the animals,
Katia Louise
Volunteer Executive Director Wild For Life Foundation

PS- You can give your contribution special meaning by helping to sponsor a horse in need, or you can help by taking part in our adoption or foster program. Even if you don't have a barn at home you can adopt a burro or even a wild Mustang through our symbolic adoption program.

Celebrating 10 yearsWFLF is a U.S. registered 501 (c)(3), all volunteer nonprofit charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving America's equines through rescue, sanctuary and humane education. Now in our 10th year, the Wild for Life Foundation has a well established track record of compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Our Board of Directors consists of 100% volunteers who contribute their time, money and resources to benefit the Mission of the Wild for Life Foundation. Federal ID No 26-3052458

Text GIVE 18272 to 80088
Your $10 gift will help provide lifesaving hay for horses and burros in need
Together, we are their voice, and they need to be heard.

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