Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veteran's Day weekend - Fill the Barn Mission

We're giving thanks this Veteran's Day with our most heartfelt salute to those who've served and with prayers for those who fell while fighting for freedom.

In honor of the countless servicemen and women and service equines who've fought for peace, starting today and through the week end, we are asking you to participate in our Veteran's Day - Fill the Barn Mission by giving back to equines in need. America's horses have fought and died in our wars and their loyalty and courage continues as they stand by our side in the fight to uphold peace, justice and freedom for all.  Join us today in honor of America's horses and burros in need. 

This event starts at 9:00am this morning and goes for 48 hours. During the event the Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) and its Saving America's Horses program will be rallying supporters from across the country to make this weekend most generous and compassionate week end ever!
Help us make a difference!
As many of you know, WFLF strives to support and further our mission of lifesaving rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary for at risk wild and domestic horses and burros in need, including roundup victims, as well as those victimized through the slaughter pipeline. 

This year, our goal is to engage at least 200 donors and raise $10,000 to help us FILL THE BARN to support essential feed and care costs

Your donation of any amount will help feed a horse for a week, or help pay the cost of veterinary care or feed the herd for a month! Just $25 helps to provide partial feed to a horse, and $50 helps provide full feed for a horse and $100 helps to pay for feed and primary care for horses for a month
Help Us Make a Difference!

How you can help:
Make a Donation Now (starting as small as $15) to WFLF's equine rescue and sanctuary by clicking Donate: Lifesaving Mission. Spread the word. Tell your friends, forward our email, and like us on Facebook. This is an opportunity to make a big difference in the lives of rescue horses and burros in need. 

More ways to help:
1. You can set up a monthly donation (starting as small as $5) toward the purchase of hay to feed rescue horses in need by clicking here: Monthly Feed Donation

2. Or donate monthly toward essential care expenses including hay, vet care, farrier, shelter and transport for rescue horses in need, click here.

3. Spread the word. Tell your friends, forward this email or like us on Facebook. This is an opportunity to be part of something really big. Help us get there for the horses. 

Employers Match Donations, Does Yours?  Hey volunteers!

Did you know YOU could earn grant money to help the horses from your employer just by volunteering?
Many Employers offer money when their employees volunteer. Here are a few examples:
Microsoft provides a $17 grant to a nonprofit per every hour volunteered by an employee.
State Farm provides a $500 grant nonprofit when an employee volunteers for+ 40 hours.
Verizon provides a $750 grant to a nonprofit when an employee volunteers for 50+ hours.
Check with your employer. You could help purchase that next load of hay!

You can also mail a check to:
Wild For Life Foundation
19510 Van Buren Blvd, #F3236
Riverside, CA 92508

Thank you for celebrating 10 years of helping horses and burros with us! We cannot thank you enough for all of your support and generosity throughout the years. 
Your continuing support has allowed us to continue to save and protect hundreds of horses and burros over the years and we can't say THANK YOU enough!
Check out our website at to learn more about our work and the impact we continue to achieve on behalf of horses and burros in need.

Thank you for your support!

We thank YOU, and all of the horses thank YOU!!
The Wild For Life Foundation 

Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) is a federally registered 501c3, all volunteer, nonprofit charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving both wild and domestic equines through rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary and education. Federal ID No. 26-3052458