Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Rescue horses and burros urgently need your help today!

Now in our 10th year of operation, the Wild For Life Foundation (WFLF) has long leased equine properties in Southern California’s rural communities to serve and house at-risk horses from California and from across the country. Just recently however, the new property owners where we had been housing over 40 rescued wild and domestic horses and burros began to repurpose the land to serve commercial livestock interests.  Our all volunteer staff has been working around the clock to secure new safe long term housing for the rescue animals we serve.

Affordable equine property suitable to serve large numbers of rescue and sanctuary animals is hard to come by due to competing demands for pasture space by commercial livestock producers and the need to turn a profit by agricultural landowners.  This makes it extremely difficult for a small but effective charity on a tight budget like WFLF to carry out our life saving mission. These rescue equines have nowhere else to go.

We are pleased to announce that through the steadfast and continued compassionate support of our caring animal loving community WFLF has successfully relocated its rescue and sanctuary residents through its safe haven rescue program. And though WFLF has continued to come through for these and countless other at risk equines, year after year, we are not out of the dark. Costs for providing for the essential needs of these animals must be covered. Tax deductible donations are needed to pay for their continued primary care including quality hay, health care and transport expenses.

Through ongoing contributions to WFLF, these precious resources enable WFLF to serve the essential needs of America's at risk horses and burros and to build capacity and save more lives. We provide a safe and healing environment for incoming imperiled equines that have nowhere else to go and who need special time to recover and heal from emotional trauma and physical injuries sustained prior to their arrival.  And when resources are thin, WFLF must scale back capacity in effort to assure sustainment of quality continuum of care and charitable animal services. We also partner with sister organizations and private individuals to provide special placement opportunities for foster and adoption candidates in need.  These at risk animals depend on our charity to provide for their lifesaving medical care, food and shelter.

Ongoing tax deductible donations are vital to ensuring that our nonprofit can carry out its lifesaving mission for these precious innocent animals.  You can help make a difference today with a lifesaving contribution in any amount.

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If you haven't already done so, you can help even more by setting up a monthly gift. Your monthly donation will help assure quality care and housing for these well deserving rescue horses now and for these crucial months to come.

WFLF is also seeking private partnerships with private landowners. If you have a farm, ranch, land, barn/ house in need of purpose, you can make a difference! (Email us)

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Founded in 2008, Wild for Life Foundation is an all volunteer 501 (c)3 charity that relies 100% on tax deductible donations. Your continued kind support enables us to provide charitable lifesaving rescue and sanctuary services for animals in need.

As always we thank you for supporting our mission.
Wild For Life Foundation

(Update modified: 4/2018)